Member Highlight: Jamey Dix

Jamey Dix

How long have you been a member of COLBA?

About 4 years

What do you appreciate most about COLBA membership?

Prior to this year, I had not been an active participant in COLBA and hadn’t attended the events. That was a mistake. The events are always fun and well attended. It’s a great way to spend time with your friends in CRE brokerage, reconnect with old friends, and meet new people and form new friendships. COLBA creates opportunities to spend time with people you don’t always see during the normal course of business, whether it be landlord/landlord reps, tenant/tenant reps, suburban/downtown, etc.

Tell us about your CRE background:

I spent 5 years with JLL’s suburban agency leasing team and then joined Telos in 2012.

What is your advice for young brokers starting out in the industry?

There are so many different styles and skill sets that can be successful in CRE brokerage. Every deal is a new opportunity to learn something new because almost every broker has a slightly (or sometimes exceptionally) different approach. If you can pick up a few good things from everyone you work with along the way, you can develop your own style and skill set that will make you successful.

What do you expect to see in the CRE market for 2016?

A strong Landlord’s market 🙂

What do you hope to accomplish as a COLBA Board Member?

I am learning the ropes from the veteran Board Members. It’s fun to be a part of it and I hope to help increase membership and support the continued success of COLBA.

What are some of your philanthropic associations?

Children’s Hope International and the Camping and Education Foundation.

What do you like to do in your free time?

Playing with our 2 kids, watching the Royals, yard work, and golf at Big Run!

If you weren’t in Real Estate what would you like to be doing…

I would probably be a scientist.

Most folks don’t know that I am…

I used to spend 8 weeks in International Falls, MN every summer for about 10 years. The “Icebox of the Nation” is worth the trip in the summertime. My mom still works at an outdoors camp up there, and my sister once lived there for a full year. Only the bravest can survive the winters… Average of 7 below zero in January!