Member Highlight: Danny Nikitas

Danny Nikitas of MB Real Estate

Danny Nikitas of MB Real Estate

How long have you been a member of COLBA and why did you join?

For as long as I can remember and have been qualified. COLBA has always been relevant, both early on for educational purposes and ongoing for networking, industry and social content.

Ed Gerstein, from left, of Jameson Commercial , Danny Nikitas of MB Real Estate and Lou Kahn of Jameson Commercial.

Ed Gerstein, from left, of Jameson Commercial , Danny Nikitas of MB Real Estate and Lou Kahn of Jameson Commercial.

What do you appreciate most about COLBA membership?

Our events are informative and fun, and the camaraderie with other industry professionals is essential!

What is your advice for young brokers starting out in the industry?

Never trade your integrity for dollars!

What do you expect to see in the CRE market for 2014?

Really good energy! Across almost every product type – office, residential, hospitality, retail – things are happening. We’ve had years where we need to stay alive, this year we need to stay awake or we’ll miss something!

What do you hope to help accomplish with COLBA this year as a member of the board?

To continue helping to provide quality content and vital events.

What are some of your philanthropic associations and how are you involved?

I am co-Chair this year of the Crain’s Greater Chicago Food Depository Awards Dinner, which raises around $1 million every year in one night which is just unbelievable and I’m really proud to be involved with that event. Cancer seems to be a theme also – I am on a Melanoma Board called Skin of Steel, I am on the Board of the Lou Malnati’s Cancer Benefit, which event in 2014 will be our 44th annual, and I help on the REACH committee for the annual House of Blues Event for the City of Hope. I have also recently joined the Board of Hazelden Chicago, which does great work treating addictions of all kinds. I also really appreciate mentoring young adults, both in business and with life’s general challenges!

What do you like to do in your free time?

I have three active boys, ages 20, 18 and 14, so spectating and supporting them joyfully occupies a lot of time. I love to play the guitar and read as well! This may sound slightly deranged but I don’t think I watch enough TV, considering how many great shows I hear people talk about that I have never seen and in some cases have never even heard of!

If you weren’t in real estate, what would you like to be doing

I think coaching and teaching. I would love to be a musician but might be a little deficient in the talent department!

Please share one little-known fact about yourself:

I’m still thinking about one appropriate for the COLBA website! I can wiggle my ears!