Good News: Hope for the Economy

Here is a synopsis from Andrew Busch from yesterday’s event.

The goal is to move from the chaos that’s occurring today to have confidence in the future. We do this via using the simple planetary model of the economy to understand what’s happened in the past, what’s happening now and what may happen in the future. The center of our financial universe is Federal Reserve interest rate and monetary policy. It dominates all areas of the economy. Think of it like the sun. Next, US domestic policy in areas like trade wars, taxes and fiscal spending. Think of this like the earth. It’s much smaller than the sun, but has tremendous impact. Finally, technology with a wide range of impacts from cyberattacks to financial market structure. Think of this like the moon, tiny, but still can impact the economy in ways unseen. Now, think of alignment with all the planets lined up and their gravity pulling in the same direction. When aligned, this is when you get the biggest moves both up and down in the markets and the economy. This model can be applied to the US economy and to micro-economies like the CRE market in Illinois and Chicago. By doing so, we can see the good news that gets buried beneath the headlines to see the forces at work driving asset values.

The photo gallery can be found here.