Chris Voss Luncheon at 55 W Monroe

COLBA kicked off 2019 with a fabulous lunch event at 55 W. Monroe.

55 W Monroe has a lot of exciting new features including…
  • Brand New Spec Suites
  • Brand New Conference Center and Tenant Lounge
  • Upcoming Fitness Center Updates

Master negotiator Chris Voss spoke to a packed house on his famous negotiation skills and how people should never “Split the Difference”. Guests were enlightened by the presentation as well as entertained by the cash prize giveaways that were raffled off throughout the event.

Photos from the event can be viewed here.

Never Split the Difference: Study Guide

We’d like to share this free Study Guide to help you implement what you’ve learned. After all, practice makes perfect!

This Study Guide breaks down key takeaways from the book chapter by chapter, including:

  • Phrases to remember
  • Key processes
  • Examples of concepts in action